Serving Puerto Rico

We invest in people and communities to create jobs and to support businesses and households.

Our Puerto Rico Footprint



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Our impact in Puerto Rico starts with direct engagement in local communities.

San Juan

In 2019, Bank of America and Vital Voices Global Partnership brought together women leaders from the private sector, social enterprise and the nonprofit community in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for a weeklong initiative that connects women leaders in business and social enterprise to mentoring and expertise. The week focused on building organizational leadership and business acumen and enhancing skills in key areas such as financial and human resources management, business strategy, and communications.

In Puerto Rico, Citi invested in the Caño Martin Peña Community Land Trust that is aiming to help families secure a pathway to ownership and long-term affordability in the parts of San Juan hit hardest by Hurricane Maria. The Caño Martin Peña CLT focuses on a densely populated area of San Juan that is home to a disproportionate number of low-income residents. Citi's investment aims to help families secure a pathway to ownership and long-term affordability. Since 2016, Citi has invested more than $1 million in housing assistance in Puerto Rico.