Washington D.C.

Summit Recap from July 18, 2022

The inaugural Financial Services Forum Summit, held on July 18, 2022, featured insights from leaders, experts, and officials on the future of banking, today's global economy, regulation, the climate transition, and digital innovation.

Large Banks and the U.S. Economy

U.S. businesses, households, and the overall economy have faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. What have we learned about the relationship between large banks and the economy during this time and how should that inform our thinking about policy going forward? We evaluate if there are lessons from this period that will require longer-run policy changes or if the pandemic has been more of a “one-off” event.


Regulations and the U.S. Economy in a Time of Change

The U.S. economy is strong, but is facing significant inflationary headwinds, leading the Federal Reserve to remove the proverbial punch bowl, raise interest rates and announce plans to taper its balance sheet. At the same time, bank and market regulators are evaluating potential updates. We’ll discuss the implications for these developments with a focus on the regulation of large bank capital and liquidity, the relation to recent Federal Reserve developments, and the economy.


A Conversation with Nellie Liang

Forum President and CEO Kevin Fromer sat down with Under Secretary of Treasury Nellie Liang to discuss the banking sector.


Climate Risk and Transition Policy

What are the most unique and pressing climate-related financial risks for large banks, and what can we expect from regulators in the near term? How are large banks responding to the increased focus on climate-related financial risks? What are the opportunities and challenges associated with a transition to a lower carbon economy?


The Future of Digital Assets and the Banking System Nexus

The rapid growth of digital assets in the past few years raises a variety of important questions about how the financial system will continue to adapt to these new assets and technologies. We will look at what role we expect large banks to play in the development, intermediation, and adoption of these products and how we think about the rapidly evolving pace of regulation in this area.